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To give you our full attention please telephone to find a time convenient for us both.
  • Centrally heated brick built kennels
  • Daytime access to outside living space
  • One-to-one exercise three times daily
  • A wide selection of branded dog foods available
  • Landscaped 8 acre field for walks
  • Qualified and experienced carers
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The design and quality construction of our building adhere to the latest licensing conditions ofthe Animal Welfare Act 2018. Promoting the health and welfare of your canine family member this combined with our daily procedures, formulates a happy, safe and relaxed vacation.

Each well maintained lodge consists of an indoor sleeping area with a thermostatically controlled radiator, keeping our guests warm whatever the weather conditions, and a covered outdoor exercise/ living space which guests have free access to during the day. We provide dog food*, beds, vet bedding, floor mats, coats, food bowls, water bowls and bedtime treats.

From your dogs personal care plan, we give a lot of thought to placing your pet in the most suitable position within one of our 4 buildings ensuring neighbours match their temperament and demeanour. Different styled lodges have been created to give us total flexibility catering for all breeds, families, ages and personalities. Some lodges are totally private for guests that prefer to be alone, the majority having a place of privacy where guests can choose to see their immediate neighbours or not, offering a stress-free environment where guests never feel alone.

Hygiene plays an important part in our daily routine. All lodges, surfaces, dog beds, floor mats and vet bedding can be easily cleaned and disinfected. It may look a little clinical, but guests are welcome to personalise their lodges with familiar items and smells. Safe toys, and some personal possessions all help to create a more relaxing environment around them.

For your precious family member’s health and safety, we NEVER mix dogs at BCK, only if they are from the same family. All our interactions with your pet are on a one to one basis. With our undivided attention, they quickly come to regard our caring team as extended family members. This offers peace of mind to you knowing they are receiving the same routine and care you give them at home.

Vital to your pet's health and well-being, we exercise dogs three times a day. This is tailored to every dog’s care plan. Walks, strolls or potters, within our delightful and secure, 8 acre, highly maintained paddock, provides a wonderful opportunity for your dog to receive mental and sen-sory stimulation and the perfect time for us to bond and health check your pet. For the high energy dogs who like to stretch their legs for play and off lead recreation time, we have secure runs for them to do this.

Life at BCK is never dreary and returning guests become excited, anticipating the enjoyable time they expect at BCK, leaving their owners in reception without so much as a backward glance.

PUPPIES BCK welcomes fully vaccinated puppies. For your peace of mind an initial short stay is recommended. Puppies are incredibly receptive, their early social experiences influence them for the rest of their lives. BCK ensures your puppy has a good and positive experience. We can adapt our care and accommodation to match your puppy's unique personality, giving them the self assurance to enjoy their holiday.

LONG TERM BOARDING We have regular clients who year on year use our facility for long term boarding. Guests become part of our family, and our team of dedicated animal lovers intuitively respond and act accordingly to any needs they may have.

THE ELDERLY We take a serious, thoughtful and sympathetic approach to elderly care. We can cater for most medical and physical needs. Please call us to discuss any concerns or special requirements.

Contrary to certain beliefs, the latest study shows that in a quality kennel environment, dogs actually enjoy the boarding experience. It shows you don’t have to worry about your dog’s happiness as much as you thought, they are actually enjoying their holiday as much as you are enjoying yours.

BCK has an unbeatable pedigree. Our business is built on care, trust and honesty where pets and their discerning owners love to come back to again and again.


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