Our Boutique Cattery

At BCK we pride ourselves in offering a high standard of cat accommodation. Our boutique cattery reinforces our commitment to providing the highest quality of care to our feline guests, offering a superior boarding experience.

Pay us a visit any day after 10.30 am and see for yourself what makes BCK so unique.
To give you our full attention please telephone to find a time convenient for us both.
Boutique Cattery - Brandesburton, East Yorkshire
  • Centrally heated indoor accomodation
  • Free access to secure outside covered run
  • Multilevel environment to encourage natural behaviours
  • A wide selection of speciality cat foods available
  • Security alarm system
  • About the accommodation
  • Virtual tour

Research has shown that to enhance a cats' welfare they need to be kept in an environment that encourages them to express a wide range of normal postures and behaviours. This includes stretching, exploring, playing, scratching, climbing to vantage points from which to monitor their surroundings, and cosy areas of privacy. With this in mind we have raised the level of accommodation within our cattery. Our guests can now make a variety of behavioural choices keeping them active and helping them to feel safe and happy.

When your cat is away from you it needs a similar environment to settle into. We are brick built and double glazed, offering a stress free familiar environment, where the noise of a summer thunder storm or a winter gale sounds no different from home to the sensitive ears of our guests.

The building is light, airy and well insulated. This keeps it cool in the summer and combined with the gas central heating system keeps it cosy and warm in the winter, giving our guests 100% use of their accommodation in all seasons. None of our guests have to stay in bed to keep warm, nor go outside to use the litter tray, and there is no heat loss in the winter morning service.

The draught-free walk-in lodges, with secure galvanised doors, offer full visibility to our carers. The carers regularly check our guests, choosing whether to leave them in peace if they happen to be cat napping or to interact with them for a fun session.

As with all modern catteries our accommodation is constructed of polypropylene and uPVC, therefore offering an hygienic, non-porous, easy to clean, dry and scratchproof surface. To further entertain our guests there are secure viewing windows that overlook a secluded garden which has been designed to attract natural wildlife for visual stimulation.

Our boutique cattery has been designed to give us total flexibility to cater for each cats individual needs: steps to help the more senior guests reach vantage points, ropes and climbing trees for the younger agile cats to keep active, cat flaps leading to outside runs for the more adventurous cats, and purely indoor lodges for the indoor cats.

Quality as well as quantity of space is paramount at BCK and every lodge has both, none more so than Halibut Plaice. This is the jewel in the crown of our cattery and is the superior suite of the establishment. It has to be seen to be believed.

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